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Our creative developers have taken the same old content and manipulated it to create something completely new! Our developers researched, tested, and implemented changes that allowed them to find accommodations for every play style. Our team is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience, while also being open and courteous to community suggestions. Please join us in venturing through our custom content and become the champion on Sana-WoW!

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How to connect?

Register your Sana-WoW account here.

Download the World of Warcraft 3.3.5a client:

Dropbox Google Drive

Download Patch-A:

Dropbox Google Drive

Download Patch-B:

Dropbox Google Drive

Download Custom WoW.exe:

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Change your realmlist to: set realmlist logon.sana-wow.com

Start the game, login and play!

Our Features

Custom Content

Never seen before items and creatures. Everything ranging from mounts to item stats are customized, to reduce the cycle of redundancy of continuously playing WOTLK content on custom Fun-Servers.

Server Wide Currency

Fully functioning auction house with custom currency. Multiple currencies will be supported in the future!

Custom Dungeons

Custom hand-made dungeons to reduce the redundancy the same old dungeons we all have grinded already.

Custom Maps

Custom created maps from scratch. Custom Mall, dungeons with custom maps, world boss questing areas and working maps and mini-maps for all these!

Retroported Content

Majority of items and creatures from Cataclysm and beyond are compatible with our server. We even have Shadowlands content available!

High Level

Instant 255, granting you full talent trees of all 3 specializations. Stats and spells are customized to accommodate the scaling.

Join our Discord!

Be a part of the community, and receive the quickest server updates here. We're always listening to suggestions from the community. Events and giveaways take place here!

Sana-WoW Trailer

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